2021 Summer Classes
Dance Class Attire
  • Hair: Tied back in a ponytail or ballet bun if possible
  • Body: Dress up like a princess or, bodysuit and tights (so specific colour) or, a fitted tank or T-shirt with fitted leggings.
  • Feet: Jazz or ballet slippers (pink or beige)
Princess and Prince Ballet/Jazz Combo

A new and innovative dance class to the dance scene in Waterdown. Children's minds will be engaged through the art of imagination and movement within a fun-filled, family environment. Children will learn the fundamentals of ballet positions and movement with fun props, exercises, and Princess terminology.


Acrobatic movements are combined with dance steps as students learn the fundamentals of movement and timing with tumbling. Younger students are introduced to basic tumbling skills including cartwheels, handstands, forward and backward rolls. Older students learn more advanced floor tumbling skills. Our weekly class is also combined with work in our gymnastics facility to add that extra special element of training. Come tumble and soar with us all Summer!

Gymnastics Class Attire
  • Hair: Tied back in a ponytail if possible
  • Body: Bodysuit (no specific colour) or, a fitted tank or T-shirt with fitted leggings or shorts
  • Feet: Bare feet
Mini Dreamers / Junior Dreamers / Intermediate Dreamers

We strive to develop habits that promote sharing, teamwork and friendship. Developmentally appropriate gymnastics fundamentals and equipment size ensures safety and encourages children to learn at their own pace. Alongside friends and the leadership of The Dream Centres’ certified Instructors, your child will learn the foundational skills in gymnastics: Beam, Bars, Vault, Trampoline, Floor and much more. More so, each child will experience what it feels like to succeed and be confident in playing, making friends, mastering skills and having fun through out the summer.

Parent & Tot Gymnastics

Our 2-for-1 Sweet Dreamers Promotion CONTINUES!!! (Ages 18-36 months). Register for any one of these classes and attend a 2nd weekly class in the same session at no additional charge!

Enjoy an enthusiastic, fun-filled program specially designed for boys and girls 18-36 of age, complete with songs, circuits, games and exciting themes!

Supervised by our specially trained coaches and with each child's parent providing hands-on guidance, tots will explore and learn the six fundamental movement patterns used in gymnastics - Statics, Landings, Rotations, Swings, Springs and Locomotions.

This program also introduces tots to the various gymnastics apparatus - vault, bars, beam, floor, tumbletrak, trampoline, ropes and swings.

Ninja Warrior Class Attire
  • Hair: Tied back in a ponytail if possible
  • Body: Bodysuit (no specific colour) or, a fitted tank or T-shirt with fitted leggings or shorts
  • Feet: Clean indoor running shoes
Intermediate Ninja Warrior / Junior Ninja Warrior

Our Ninja Warrior Program is designed to have kids using their bodies for what they were made for in a fun, creative way: running, jumping, climbing, tumbling, swinging, balancing, stretching, and crawling. Each class begins with a warm-up, stretching and an overview of our rules. Our ninja warriors will then get a chance to tackle the obstacles that lye ahead on each apparatus with the help of our fantastic instructors. Every month the obstacles will change to keep the ninjas challenged and engaged. The end of class will consist of a timed race to see who can complete the course the fastest. Friendships will be built, personal bests will be achieved, and memories will be made!

Please connect with The Dream Centre to register, or for further program details.
905-690-9022 or send us a message

Keep up your training over the summer with stretches, technical skills, & learning new combos! After working so hard all year these classes are focused on Competitive Dancers who want to keep up their training and progression throughout the summer! You have worked hard all year to get where you are...keep it up even during your summer vacation!

Ages 6 to 11
$159.99 +hst for 8 weeks
5:40PM to 6:40PM
Ages 12 to 16
$199.99 +hst for 8 weeks
5:40PM to 7:00PM


Our Super Dreamers program is the perfect opportunity for recreational gymnasts looking to experience the excitement of competitive gymnastics on a simplified schedule. Our Super Dreamers program is based on 4 disciplines (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam & Floor Exercise) with a minimal time commitment of 2-6 hours per week. The program is split into 3 levels in which the students are selected based on age & ability.

Our students training 2 hours per week are in the developmental stage of our pre-competitive program and will work their way up to the 4 or 6 hour program. Our students training 4-6 hours per week will be eligible to attend up to 2 competitions. These classes are all taught by our experienced team staff. This program is ideal for the newcomer to competitive, but also full-time gymnasts looking for a step back from the demands of a full time program.

Super Dreamers
Ages 5 to 14
$289.99 +hst for 8 weeks
4:45PM to 6:35PM